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Stephen E. Arnold is a specialist in online search and related disciplines. He’s the author of the first three editions of the “Enterprise Search Report,” He also wrote “The Google Legacy (2005)”, and “Google Version 2.0. (2007)” His newest study with Martin White, a highly regarded search and information expert in the UK is “Managing Successful Enterprise Search”. This November 2008 study was published by Galatea in the United Kingdom in 2009. Mr. Arnold’s third Google monograph “Google: The Digital Gutenberg” appeared in late 2009, and it is available from the publisher, Infonortics, Ltd., in Tetbury, Glou.

Mr. Arnold and his research team have developed in-depth briefings on Google’s new dataspaces technology. A version of this remarkable initiative has been published by Sue Feldman and Stephen Arnold. That document is available from IDC. The report is number 213562. Mr. Arnold conducts confidential competitive analyses. He can be reached at seaky2000 at yahoo dot com.

In September 2010, the and Beyond Search Web log team began work on this new Web log. IntelTrax covers information technology that embraces content processing, predictive analytics, and intelligence applications. A number of companies and innovators who originally worked to assist law enforcement and intelligence entities with their information challenges are now moving from government markets into the commercial sector. The new Web log will describe some of these firms’ technologies, products, and business services. In line with the editorial practices for Beyond Search, the Web log will identify, comment upon, and link to articles, essays, and monographs available as open source information.

The for-fee research services will embrace this new market sector. The Beyond Search team will prepare a short white paper on a fee basis about the companies and technologies referenced in IntelTrax. The approach in our for-fee services is objective and we include information that makes these documents suitable for the client’s marketing and sales efforts. Clients work closely with the Beyond Search professional to help ensure that the message is on target and clear. Rates are set to be within reach of organizations regardless of their size.

If you have a consulting project, a no cost, no obligation price quotation will be provided. More information is available at Mr. Arnold’s principal Web site, Or, you can send him email: IntelTrax at yahoo dot com. The office number is +1 502 228 1966, in the US Eastern time zone.


The information in IntelTrax is available without charge. The Web log, like Beyond Search, accepts advertising and occasionally runs sponsored articles. Sponsored articles are identified below the signature block.

Keep in mind that the data and information provided on this site are for informational purposes only.

Stephen E. Arnold makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site. My views and opinions change. So, expect to find variances when you compare certain essays with my other written work. I started the Beyond Search Web log to promote my studies, capture information that won’t be in my for-fee work, and have a time record of what I was thinking and when. I am human; therefore, I make errors. If you read something and accept it without verifying my information and interpretation, that’s your decision. The information is provided on an as-is basis and, at this time, without a fee. Just in case. If I say something dumb in the future, it’s better to be able to point out that the error is mine. Keep in mind this is a Web log, not a formal publication. There’s no editorial review board, no peer-review process, no comprehensive archive of my work, and no assurance that I am thinking coherently when I jot down my thoughts.

If you have critical comments, please, use the comments section of the Web log. We do review the comments, eliminating those which are spam or contain content that we believe may be inappropriate for the readers.

If you want to use content accessible via this Web log, please, include a credit line and a back link to the source. The information presented in this Web log is designed as marketing for’s consulting business. IntelTrax is not a newsletter, magazine, or trade journal. IntelTrax is a Web log and will contain subjective observations and open source information.

We do use third party articles. If you want to contribute to IntelTrax, you can contact us as

Stephen E. Arnold, September 2010